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Aliathon History

The Aliathon Resort’s development ensures that we will meet and exceed the changing demands of our guests. In April 1992, the Aliathon started its operation with the “Aegean Village” with 52 apartments, 1 pool and 1 restaurant. The Aegean Village, with its white washed buildings and unique character of a low-rise architectural concept, was modelled after the traditional picturesque villages of the Cyclades islands in Greece.

Between 1995 and 2005, the second phase of expansion of the Aegean Village was completed with another 78 new rooms, a football pitch and a tennis court, 2 outdoor bowling greens, a second pool (the Lagoon pool), a bar, a café and the expansion of the mini market. In 2006 the company moved to a further development in order to enrich and upgrade its services with the creation of the Aliathon Plaza – a shopping and entertainment centre with 18 new outlets (themed restaurants, bars, pub, boutiques, shops etc).

Attached to the already successful “Aegean Village”, we expanded our Holiday Village in 2008 by the development of a unique and sensational project – The Aliathon “Fishing Village”.  Modelled after the traditional picturesque fishing villages of the island of Symi in Greece, the “Fishing Village” with its 140 additional rooms, is geared to cater to those searching for a superb family vacation. The Aliathon always prides itself in being the best which was proved when it was the first hotel in Cyprus to offer a splash pool (a mini water park), a mini football pitch and a high ropes adventure course and many other facilities such as hosting the largest swimming pool in Cyprus sizing at 3000m2.

As it is the family’s philosophy to continuously improve the facilities and services provided within the holiday village, in 2013 the Aegean Village was completed with the renovation of the original 52 rooms/apartments and addition of 16 new apartments. During this period further improvements took place with the renovation of the Entertainment Bar and the upgrade of the Pantheon main restaurant.

A further development was built in 2015 in the Aegean Village with the addition of 42 Suites and a new Swimming Pool. Following the traditional Greek island architecture design of the Aegean Village, the Aliathon Suites are built in a three story hotel like building consisting of 16 Swim Up suites, 16 Family suites, 8 One Bedroom suites and 2 Two Bedroom suites. Plus the new addition of the River style Swimming Pool, a separate Children’s Swimming Pool and a Swim Up pool bar. The Aliathon Suites offer a touch of luxury in a contemporary design with the option to enjoy a cool refreshment in the pool at the Swim Up pool bar, or to swim up to your balcony and relax on your private terrace.

Located at the back of the already existing fishing village, during the winter of 2017 – 2018 a brand new state of the art high ropes adventure course was built with the inclusion of a climbing wall, and adjoining activity swimming pool and outdoor evening entertainment venue.

In the winter of 2018 – 2019 the Aliathon Ionian Hotel was completed with the addition of 130 Suites, inclusive of an additional 12 swim up suites, a new hotel lobby, a new restaurant, 2 new swimming pools and many additional landscaped areas to complete the new addition to the Aliathon Resort.


Looking Ahead

The backbone of the Aliathon is the team of people who demonstrate our spirit of commitment, hospitality and dynamism. The company has adopted a human approach to customer care treating our guests as part of a large family. With our commitment to sustainability, guest’s satisfaction and innovation, the Aliathon team anticipates the future with confidence and looks forward to offering a genuine Cypriot hospitality for many years to come.

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