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Immerse yourselves into a wellness experience designed to accommodate your needs. A trip to our spa becomes an important part of your journey and helps you reunite with your spirit before discovering what the island has to offer.

Your visit to our space commences with a presentation of our treatments, cabins and overall services. Your lifestyle, mood and needs are discussed before crafting a customized wellness experience to enjoy alone or with a partner, companion, or family member. Our mission is to take you to a journey of the senses and help you recharge in a warm beautifully designed space with a stimulating aroma, relaxing sounds, professional therapists, a signature cosmetics line and to top it all off a hot beverage of local herbs.

To find out more about our spa and services please ask the reception or contact until our online booking is live.

“Discover Aegeo Spas – unforgettable wellness escape in Cyprus!”

A guest having a massage at the Spa in Aliathon Aegean.
A guest having a face massage at the Spa in Aliathon Aegean.


All treatments are given by qualified and experienced therapists. A Steam Room & Sauna, Indoor pool & Jacuzzi (Whirlpool) and our Fitness Centre are also available for use.

The Faros Spa Centre is located below the lighthouse.

Opening Hours

09:00hrs – 19:00hrs
(Subject to change)
Over 16 years only in spa
& fitness centre

Signature cosmetics line

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