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Aliathon Resort Sports Groups


The Aliathon was the first hotel in Cyprus to offer a bowling green with a club house in 1995. It is the home of the Aliathon Bowling Club that practice here regularly.

With many years of experience hosting large professional bowling events and competitions, the Aliathon Resort is now home to two floodlit all weather green gauge synthetic outdoor bowling greens with a total of 13 normal rinks and 10 international rinks.


• Two floodlit all weather Greengauge synthetic outdoor Bowling Green’s installed by the renowned Greengauge of Scotland are available within the Holiday Village.

• Ground A 37m x 23m with 5 normal rinks (4 international rinks)

• Ground B 37m x 37m with 8 normal rinks (6 international rinks)

• A Club House located between the two Bowling Green’s is the Headquarters of the dynamic Aliathon Bowling Club; the first Club on the island

• Competitions, matches, fun bowls, knockouts & learn to bowl coaching session

• Double sided score boards in each rink

• Friendly games can be arranged

• Bowls coaching available – free of charge

• Storage Rooms

• Conference Rooms for meetings and presentations (including TV, DVD, flipchart, overhead projector and Wi-Fi)

• Bowls & overshoes available at a small charge

• Prime location with excellent weather conditions

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