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Cyprus (Paphos) maintains an unbelievably warm winter with little to no wind and great temperatures so perfect for winter training. In addition to the great weather the location provides perfect road conditions for TT sessions, hill sessions and an abundance of short to long rides. Supporting this we have a 50 m heated to 28 degrees outdoor pool coupled with an athletics stadium for technical running sessions just meters away. Miles of coastal running routes and endless off road trails allows an abundance of choices for all athletes at all levels.

Chosen by some of the top Olympic and World record holders Aliathon Resort is a well-polished facility when it comes to Sports training camps. With its partners Mokapot Productions and Aspire Cycling Rentals we can offer you the full service from coaching to on road support from pre race training to a full rental service. Aliathon Resort is the only dedicated Sports Training hotel in Paphos with the in house facilities to accommodate athletes, partners and their families at all levels.

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∙ Canyon professional road bikes

∙ Rentals from 3 days and more

∙ Complete on road support and guiding

∙ Secure bike storage

∙ Coached camps

∙ 24 hour support

∙ Emergency hotline

For further information or clarifications, please feel free to contact us via the contact us section of this website.

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