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Explore Cyprus and make any travel arrangements at Gorgo Travel, our on-site travel agency. For any kind of shopping The Aliathon supermarket is there for your convenience offering food and groceries, souvenirs, drinks and spirits as well as cigarettes at very competitive prices. You could also get some new eyewear at excellent prices while the Aliathon Gallery gives you the chance to take special homemade gifts back home.

Aliathon Resort - Outside the resort supermarket. Displays of summer hats, bags and shoes. Tables, chairs and parasols placed at the front of the shop.


Handy and convenient, the Aliathon Supermarket offers all the local and imported essentials you may need during your stay.

Opening Hours

November – March:
Monday – Saturday 07:45hrs – 15:45hrs

April – October:
Monday – Sunday 07:45hrs – 22:15hrs
(Subject to change)

Inscribed decorative hanging love hearts.


This beautiful gallery is full of inspirational original art from local artists, jewellery, giftware and handmade olive oil bath and body products.

Opening Hours

10:00hrs – 15:00hrs
15:00hrs – 22:00hrs
Daily, Thursday & Sunday afternoon only.
(Subject to change)

The Pharmacy Shop


Have the peace of mind of knowing a pharmacy is on site at the Aliathon, with full medical stocks and expert advice.

Opening Hours

(Summer Period)
Monday – Friday
09.00hrs – 13.00hrs
17.00hrs – 21.00hrs

Wednesday & Saturday
09.00hrs – 13.00hrs
(Subject to change)

The Polimedical Centre Building.


The 24 hour medical centre offers an extensive range of medical facilities, with qualified English, German & Russian speaking staff and doctors. The facilities on offer at the medical centre are:
• On call 24 hours
• X-Ray Department
• Laboratory
• Acceptance of all European and English
travel insurances
• Private consultation visits in your own
home or holiday accommodation

Opening Hours

(Subject to change)

Aliathon Resort - An agent on the phone inside the Gorgo Travel Office.


Offers a variety of travel arrangements including holiday packages, training camps, flights, cruises, accommodation, car rentals, excursions around Cyprus and many more. Here you can rent cars, mountain bikes and organise a great days out.

Opening Hours

(Summer period)
Monday – Friday
08.00hrs – 17.00hrs

09.00hrs – 13.00hrs
(Subject to change)

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